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Useful as laptop tote. You will be asked ='Where did you get it?
Wildlife Totebag, laptop carrier 12x 16".
'Available' quilted corner to corner. I
started this as a designer toss pillow
sham. Feeling a more functional use as
a totebag. Leather  bands with 4  tabs
and 3/4" flat rings. They are of a good
quality natural cowhide.  
I encluded  a nice zipper pull as seen in
photo here.
Also seen is the top of my Quilter. Not
for sale.
Pleasse, Need answers?
Wildlife Tote  
$85.00.  shpg. $4.50
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Another quilted sham by
Elaine design, 20", $35.00
finished toss pillow
16 inch square finished
black velvet pillow sham is
only  $35.00 + $4.50

Beautiful 20" square Designer Pillow
Sham as Originally Created for Gift to
Elmo's Mom by Gram Diane.
Will reproduce for  $169.00 + 4.50 shpg..
copies will not be of Christmas motif.